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IRS Wage Levy Release Service 

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IRS Wage Levy Releases

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Welcome to our website that deals with IRS Wage Levies and a number of other related  IRS Collection and Negotiation issues.

Anyone who suffers from an IRS Wage Levy is in trouble. Back taxes; unfiled income tax returns; penalties; interest; tax liens at the county courthouse; letters one right after the other; then certified letters; IRS Revenue Officers leaving business cards taped to their front doors; letters from my competitors (but not me) promising settlements for pennies on the dollar with absolutely no knowledge of their financial situation.

My niche business service is targeted at one group of people - those who have an IRS Wage Levy and need help.

If you have an IRS Wage Levy and need help to get your living money back in your paycheck, this is the site for you. This is what I do. It's not just one of several goodies in my bag. It's the Number One and Only Goodie.

Since 1998 I've had an IRS Wage Levy Release Negotiating Service and nothing else. I don't do this part time. If IRS Levy Release work isn't involved, I don't do it.

Income tax return preparation like most other CPAs? Sure. But only if the income tax returns are needed by a client who also needs an IRS Wage Levy Release.

I actually enjoy this kind of work. Plus, I'm really good at it.

IRS has garnished your wages and you need help. And very quickly. IRS has all the power and all the strength and all the knowledge. And you have none of these. So what are you going to do?

I encourage you to visit the sites of several of my competitors. Why? Because I'm confident in my ability and my knowledge. Read their sites and call them and talk to them. Then compare them to this site and to me.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do they deal only with IRS Wage Levy Release work or do they just do it as one of many things?
  2. Do they tell you to call them and talk to them and offer to give you as much time on the telephone with them as you could possibly want even if they know you will not become a paying client?
  3. Do they offer you a 100% absolute guarantee for their IRS Wage Levy Release service?
  4. Do they post their fees on their websites for you to see?
  5. When you call, do you talk to a salesman or an extremely knowledgeable guy who will be the one who actually talks to IRS for you?

This is what I do. I'm very good at it. Take your time and comparison shop. But please call me and we can spend as much time on the phone as you like.

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